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The Story of Snarky Birds. Images of art supplies, the artist (Tracy Lombardi) and one of her art pieces

The Story of

Snarky Birds

My name is Tracy Lombardi and I have always marched to the beat of my own drum...

I love birds (but, not as pets) and I love a good snark, therefore Snarky Birds was born. 


I live in beautiful Maui, Hawaii where the natural surroundings astonish me on a daily basis.  I can't get through one of my daily walks without taking at least one photo of a beautiful flower, butterfly, or sunset. I enjoy nature and I do swear (they're not bad words, they're adult words).

Actually, I've read many scientific studies that show people who swear have a higher level of creativity, are considered to have more honesty and integrity, are more verbally fluent, and have a higher pain tolerance.  I'm not sure how much pain tolerance relates to this website, but I'll include it here since we are talking about benefits of swearing (plus, it's a good added brag to friends who poo-poo your choice of words).

I express myself in my own authentic way - which happens to include swear words, that I now share with you through my watercolor artwork. At Snarky Birds, my mission is to bring creative and fun art to cool people, making you smile and brighten your days with my unique creations.

So, embrace your positive fucking vibes and make today fucking amazing!

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